KidzLabs Robot Set - Kitchen Science, Doodling Robot, Table Top Robot

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KidzLabs Robot Toys Science Experiments for Kids, Kitchen Science, Table Top Robot, Doodling Robot - Science Kits for Kids - Robot - Robotics for Kids - Batteries/Screwdriver INCLUDED by 4M & MTGS


Teach your kids Robotics & Science! SET includes 3 hands-on science experiment kits for kids: Table Top Robot, Doodling Robot and Kitchen Science by KidzLabs & 4M.

Watch your kids have FUN as their Table Top Robot creation scuttle about performing acrobatic tricks and avoiding obstacles.

Challenge your kids as they LEARN with 6 specially designed Kitchen Science Experiments using regular household ingredients.

Be a Cool & Fun Parent and let your kids be CREATIVE as their Doodling Robot create works of art using spin & vibration.

2x1.5V 'AA' batteries & a #1 crosshead screwdriver INCLUDED. Kits include ALL detailed instructions and necessary parts.

Your kids will learn the basics of robotics and science with these KidzLabs hands-on science experiment kits for kids by constructing a working table top robot crab, a doodling robot and 6 specially designed kitchen science experiments by 4M! Watch your kids have fun as the robot crab scuttles about under its own power performing acrobatic tricks and changes direction when it encounters an obstacle. Challenge your child's imagination as they perform 6 specially designed kitchen science experiments using common kitchen ingredients (adult supervision required). Generate electricity using a lemon, launch a rocket with vinegar, write invisible messages, and more. The KidzLabs 4M Doodling Robot uses vibration and spin generated by its motor to create works of art. Vibration and spin help this creative robot doodle a picture without guiding your hand. Adjust the angle and height of the robot's colored pens and watch it work. Includes: parts, pens and assembly instructions. Be ready to frame your work of art. No tools or special knowledge required. Each of the 3 kits contain detailed instructions and all the necessary parts required including 2 x 1.5V 'AA' batteries and a small #1 crosshead screwdriver. These robot toys and science experiments for kids are ideal for young science enthusiasts of all ages, especially those with an interest in robotics. These kits are recommended for ages 8+ and adult guidance and supervision is recommended. 4M & KidzLabs educational toys cover a wide range of educational subjects and include robot toys, robots for kids, science experiments for kids, science kits for kids, robotics for kids, science experiments for kids 9-12, science kits for kids age 8, science experiments for kids 6-8, science kits for kids age 7, robot kits for kids to build, mechanical engineering kits, mechanical toys for boys, mechanical kits, arts and crafts kits, robotics kits, and many more.